I am Elena Kairytė, a film director, creating in Lithuania and abroad. I was born and raised in the family of cinephile, cinema was always a natural part of my everyday life. In the long run, I began to search for film characters in my surroundings, and I began to observe them more closely, in my thoughts to create their stories, and then, after graduating from the film directing studios in Moscow, I started filming these stories.
  For my film stories, I often choose an imperfect hero with strangeness and inner contradictions, because in all of this I see a great beauty and certainty, often interspersed with comic elements. Humor and faith in human is what matters most to me in my work.
  Observation of people and their relationship with each other or they inside relations within outside word is the main research of my documentaries. By curiosity-driven search sometimes I am lucky to find unexpected characters combinations within extraordinary personal stories.